How Stock Photos Can Save You Money When Blogging

Get Your Stock Photos!

Stock photos are always in the rotation when it comes to blogging and content creating.

The term is a bit self-explanatory, and even if it’s not easily understood, explanations on what stock photos are not hard to come by. Stock photos are professional photographs that are bought and sold on a royalty-free basis and can be used and reused for commercial design purposes.

But even knowing the definition doesn’t answer all the questions such as what are stock photos used for? Why would anyone want to get stock photos in the first place? Who do they benefit?

Well, you’re in luck! BeautyClout has all the answers regarding stock photos. We want to share all the different reasons why stock photos are great to use.

We will share with you all the insights on the possible uses for stock photos and its primary benefits for all those that use them. Read on!

What Are Stock Photos Used For?

Stock photos are used for precisely the same reason as commissioned photos taken by photographers.

They enhance the impact of different content targeted at your audiences. Stock photos are used in all kinds of commercial, editorial, entertainment, and artistic content.

Typically, stock photos have a higher impact on projects with specified audiences.

As many of us know, photography and still imagery are crucial to branding, marketing, advertising, publishing, and artistic productions. This is why platforms like Instagram are so popular. If you want to catch the viewer’s eye, you must use images.

Stock photos are a very convenient resource for this. However, you have to be strategic about how you use them.

Why Are Stock Photos Used?

There are two main reasons to use stock photos instead of hiring a photographer to shoot custom photos for you.

They save time

Stock photos are already created, post-edited, and ready to be downloaded and used. You don’t have to worry about the editing process that comes with taking your photos.

They save money

Stock photos, especially those that don’t violate copy infringement, come at a much, much lower cost than the services of a photographer. Having pictures on hand is much cheaper than hiring a photographer every time.

With stock photos, you pay for an image, download it, and use it. You don’t have to wait for a photographer’s turnaround time, which can be longer than the time allotted for the project.

With stock photos, the price typically falls way under $10 per image; versus the hundreds or even thousands, it would cost to commission an entire photoshoot.

There are other additional benefits to using stock photos, but these two points are enough for you to know just how useful stock photos are.

How are Stock Photos Used?

Stock photos have endless potential uses. However, you can categorize them into two main and distinctive categories.

Commercial Use

Commercial usage of stock photos deals with generating profit from a campaign.

For stock photos to be suitable for commercial use, they must have all rights cleared. Clearing rights costs money, so it’s essential to be prepared. But how do you make money with stock photography?

Some of the most common commercial uses for stock photos are marketing, branding, and social media.

The realm of possible uses of stock photos for commercial use is almost as big as an imagination. Your website design, your social media posts for your corporate business, or anything business related you can think of can involve stock photos.

Editorial Use

Editorial use of stock photos implies using them to illustrate or assist editorial content.

Using stock photos for editorial use has less to do with profit than commercial use. Some of the main reasons to use stock photos for editorial purposes are news coverage, blogs, or textbooks.

Those are you reading this right now should pay special attention to this part. Editorial use includes blogs, and that’s essential for anyone in the marketing world.

Editorial stock photos include a lot of different things and content that cannot be used commercially due to their rights not being cleared.

Images of large crowds of people, of famous landmarks and landscapes, of trademarked events, of celebrities and recognizable people typically require the acquisition of rights. If you were to use any of those photos for the sake of making money, you would need to have those rights cleared first.

However, when it comes to editorial use, you don’t need the rights cleared because you’re not using them for the sake of making money.

Things like blog posts are okay in this case.

Where are Stock Photos Obtained?

One of the best places to get professional stock photos are online.

One of my favorite places to get stock photos is Unsplash, which is a platform with high-quality stock photos. These are image banks specialized in offering free photography, and they provide a severe and reliable service.

You cannot forget that stock photos are subject of copyright, property right, and right privacy laws, so having a professional company verifying the status of the images they offer is critical. Same for quality.

This website reviews the images they will later put up to ensure that they are of high quality.

When you get stock photos online, you can search and download pictures from their libraries in a few simple clicks.

Even more, they sell these photos at very affordable prices. 
If you want to own rights to the image entirely, you can purchase the pictures for $1 to $15 per photo.

Once the picture is yours, you can use it for however long you like. Stock photos are an excellent option for a blogger because they are a very convenient resource for your projects without breaking the bank.

Top 10 reasons to Use Stock Photos

Stock photos and illustrations won’t solve all your graphics needs when it comes to blogging, but there are a lot of uses for them in the social media market.

Unless you always shoot your photos, the question is whether you should pay for stock photos, use one of the free services. Although free stock photo websites create a lot of buzzes and are extremely helpful, sometimes paying for them helps too.

In the real world of social media, creating or finding free quality images can be exhausting.

Free stock photos are great when you need pictures of scenic mountains or scanned photos of a group of people. If you need something more niched, you’ll probably need to pay for it instead of wasting a lot of time going through these sites looking for the right image.

For busy bloggers with a reasonable budget and intense deadlines, I’ve found that using stock photos and illustrations makes more sense.

Time Savings

Excellent stock photo services will save you so much time! Creating a blog post filled with photos isn’t easy, but using stock photos makes it quick and fun! Saving in time translates into saving money.

Way More Choices

Stock photo services are a business, which means they need to have a wide selection of image choices to stay relevant.

Many stock photo services provide customers with access to multiple collections so you can search among millions of photos. You’ll probably find what you need quicker.

Compelling Images

Although stock photo services always include some funny images of people smiling at events; they also have lots of compelling photos.

You can find pictures based on an idea, emotion, or theme. You can see photos of people doing exciting things, or you can find pictures of objects that are ready to use.

Art and Illustrations

Many of the stock photo sites offer art and illustrations for those bloggers that want to be creative. Illustrated graphics can give a blog post a unique look and feel.

Clear Licensing Agreement

One hazard of using photos online is learning about copyright laws, restrictions, and licenses.

On the free photo sites, you have to read the fine print for every photo you use. Make sure you don’t use a photo without credit, especially if it’s necessary.

Some photographs come with no restrictions, some are only for non-commercial use, and some require the name of the photographer, and that’s it. You don’t have to deal with this headache on a reputable stock photo site, however.

Most stock photos make it clear that is and isn’t allowed. The licensing agreement will be the same for all images in the license category you select, which is typically a standard royalty-free license.

Yes, you should read the fine print, but you’ll only have to do it once if you choose the best site.

By doing this, you’ll save more money in the long run.

Guaranteed Model Releases

You need the signed release of a model to use his or her photo.

Model releases are guaranteed with the right stock photo platform. Make sure you read the fine print.

But when you have guaranteed releases, you save money in the long run.

More Content Direction

There’s nothing like having the exact content you need for a blog post.

This kind of search functionality is standard on most photo sites. Some photo stock sites even provide corresponding search terms with each photo, which can give you ideas for keywords.

Supports The Arts

The world would be boring without the Arts. By using stock photos for images, you’re not only saving money.

But also helping photographers and illustrators earn a living whenever you share their work. We need them.

Cheap Budget

If you have a limited budget, stock can be a nice fallback for the those that need access to photos. If you’re running a site that isn’t getting mass media attention, then this is an option for you. Plus, you don’t always need an expensive custom shoot to make your point in blogging.

Reduces stress

When you can quickly fill your blogs with the graphics you like and need, it reduces your level of stress. And we all deserve that!

Be careful!

When it comes to stock photos, make sure you’re not using stock photos all the time.

Don’t let them replace your authentic pictures of yourself. When it comes to blog posts, it’s essential to mix the stock photos in with your natural images.

You will have to use your discernment when it comes to choosing photos. What works for the topic you’re discussing?

Think on it before you jump into using stock photos right away.

Want to Save Money?

Photographers take the stock images you’ll use and upload to one or many stock photography sites.

Images on these websites need to follow a strict set of guidelines, as you can see. When you make the right choices when choosing stock photos, you’ll find your blogging process is much more comfortable.

Don’t hesitate to ask us if you have questions about stock photos. We’re always here to help!

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